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ricordo / RITA MARTINOLI (amica)  Read >>
ricordo / RITA MARTINOLI (amica)

Rita ed Aldo con i ragazzi,tuoi coetanei Diego Jacopo ed Alberto ricordano una tua visita ad Ancona.Dopo tanto tempo,ma ora per sempre,forse, porterai in te un piccolo segno di quella semplice ospitalità fatta di fresco mare,di buon cibo e di ore spensierate. A noi tutti certo rimarrà indelebile;ci è solo mancata l'occasione di rivederti uomo,papà,ma sempre unicamente fanciullo.

Memories at Fennyfach  / Libby (friend)  Read >>
Memories at Fennyfach  / Libby (friend)
Dear dear Huw, I met you first just before you were born, David had come home with his beautiful Italian wife and I was at Sennybridge agricultural show and I saw her, heavily pregnant ; they had just been to the hospital and were told to return a few days later,so poor Luisa, trudging around the show, but it did the trick, three days later you were born.  So I have had the pleasure of knowing you for nearly forty years and I can see you now a little fair-haired boy playing in the river under Fennyfach, a bright delightful child and the last time we met you had been walking along that same river and came into the house with rain on your tired face and I treasure that memory, you will live on in the minds of all our family, you have given us a lot of joy, may you rest in peace. love always Libby Close
ricordo con tanto affetto  / Donatella Santoni (figlia di Renzo )  Read >>
ricordo con tanto affetto  / Donatella Santoni (figlia di Renzo )
Caro Huw,
ci sono persone con cui si ha un rapporto quasi quotidiano che non ci coinvolgono profondamente, altre basta incontrarle una volta e ci toccano il cuore per sempre.
Tu sei una di queste ultime.
Ti penso e ricordo con tanto affetto.
Un abbraccio Donatella  Close
Luisa's Tribute at Huw's Service on Jan 5th 2007  / Luisa Powell (Mother)  Read >>
Luisa's Tribute at Huw's Service on Jan 5th 2007  / Luisa Powell (Mother)

Frank has asked :
What is the purpose of living if we all die ?
Nonna replies to you both :
We are all souls on a very long journey.
We come from God and we long to go back to God.
Death is not the end of life.
Our life goes on until we can see the secrets of God’s oneness.
Then we will know why we are here.
There is only one presence only one Beloved.
He whom we love is always with us because we are a part of him.
And this is what your Dad wants me to tell you Frank and Morgan:
That the journey of his soul is continuing
And that he is very sorry that he had to leave you
But that he is not lost to you because he is still with you
When you love him and you think of him
He is with you and he will talk to you.
Today your dad wants me to talk on his behalf
Also to all his family and friends.
He wants me to thank you all for coming
to the most important presentation of his life.
It is called :


Watching you all grieve has been so distressing.

For love of you who find yourself in a dark place,
Seek help before it engulfs you,
It may save those around you a lot of pain
And ultimately save your life.

For those of you who can put aside your grief and anguish
I will be with you always.
I cannot get through the mist of those who don’t.

To my boys, daddy loves you both, you know that
And you also know that I could never have left you
Had it not been that I was sick and confused.

To my wonderful wife Julie, thank you for standing by me
And always being there for me.

To my mother for loving me no matter what.

To dad please do not mourn the lost years.
We have all the time in the world.

I would like for everyone here today
To think of this as a celebration of my life
As essentially that is what it is,
A gathering together of all the people whom I love
And who love me.

For all those of you who truly want to celebrate my life
A party will be held for my 40th birthday

Please believe me when I tell you
I have not gone from your midst : that would be a tragedy.
The truth is I am now very much closer to you
Than I have been for a very long time sadly.

Watching you all suffering has been the hardest thing to bear.

For those of you who think may be there was
Something more that could have been done
to keep me, that is not so.

Please believe me when I tell you
I have not gone from your midst.

Happy hearts please
In love and light HUW


You appeared to me, long ago, in a vision
As a noble knight who had come from space to be with me.
To help me, to give me strength and to bring meaning into my life.

And those indeed have been your gifts to me.

Thank you for the time you have shared with me
And for choosing me to be your mother.

I am so honored to have been your mother
And now to be the grandmother of your children.

I could not have wished for a better son
nor for more wonderful grandchildren
as I told you many a time.

May God bless you, my splendid son,
In your further journey
With all my love, for ever with you
Your MUM

Tribute to Huw  / Richard Scotti (Dear friend )  Read >>
Tribute to Huw  / Richard Scotti (Dear friend )
Oh, how can the love between us ever sever,
grow less...or end, Beloved Huw?
Love has only a beginning...and so between us.

Your Path has been difficult for us to understand
or to accept, but Child of God you are...
we are...our faith and trust rest in God's Goodness.

You are now far from our saddened, yearning eyes
but your beautiful smiles and loving spirit are always held
close in the treasure chest of our hearts

May God's Grace be ever with you, Beloved Huw
May your further Way be brighter and full of joy
May we too have courage for the journeys ahead

We will never forget you, Beloved Huw
God speed on your Way
All Ways Close
Poem to Introduce the Service for Huw on Jan 5th 2007  / Henry Scott Holland (Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral )  Read >>
Poem to Introduce the Service for Huw on Jan 5th 2007  / Henry Scott Holland (Canon of St. Paul's Cathedral )
Death is nothing at all. 
I have only slipped away into the next room.
I am I, and you are you. 
Whatever we were to each other, that we still are.
Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. 
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. 
Let it be spoken without effort, without the trace of a shadow on it.
Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was; there is unbroken continuity. 
Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just round the corner.
All is well. 

Remembering Huwboy  / Andy Cook (Close mate )  Read >>
Remembering Huwboy  / Andy Cook (Close mate )

I am very fortunate to count myself one, among many, close friends of Huw’s. Like so many of you, I’ve laughed and experienced far more as a result of being Huw’s mate.

He’s been a great friend of mine for 20 years. In that time he has entertained and inspired me and you on an incredible scale and in a most unique way. All of our lives have been greatly enriched by Huw.

We’ve reveled in hearing about, or participating in, mischief with Huw to an extent that no other person could match. I recall, while preparing the Best Man speech for his wedding, being absolutely inundated with hilarious tales and stories. My unusual challenge lay in filtering and condensing them. Indeed I’d venture he is the source of more tales than the rest of us combined.

And there is another side to Huw. A superb Dad, husband and son. Immensely proud of Frank and Morgan. He frequently expressed his admiration for, and devotion to, Julie. I know that he was particularly grateful to her in recent weeks. Julie has emphasised just how much importance Huw placed on striving to become an even better person. And in encouraging others, especially Julie, to do likewise.

Enthusiasm, humour, passion, energy, charisma and an unparalleled ‘zest for life’ are all traits that applied to Huw in abundance at home, with his mates and professionally.

Huw - we’ll miss you loads and we will never forget you.

Huw / Izzy Nelson (Stepbrother)  Read >>
Huw / Izzy Nelson (Stepbrother)
I will always remember us chasing around around the lake or the villa usually with Tom Kate and Emily playing crazily concocted games involving guns made of sticks.

I will always treasure the period I shared your flat in Chiswick and the great jamming sessions we had there normally until the early hours.

I will always regret the lost recent years.

Your energy and enthusiasm were held in awe by me. I am sure that these characteristics and many more will live on through your beautiful sons Frank and Morgan.

Rest in peace Huw

With love and respect

your step brother Iz  Close
Memories of Huw  / Julie Henry (Friend)  Read >>
Memories of Huw  / Julie Henry (Friend)
It was the bike that did it for me. He rode up to us as we were walking back to Churchill Hall from lectures, and it seemed to my untrained eye that he was on an old, girl's bike, with no crossbar, that seemed way too small for him.
He walked all the way back with us, pushing his little bike, talking, asking questions, making us laugh, laughing at things we said. It was only our 2nd or 3rd day at Bristol and I thought "thank God there are people like him here".
Huw needed a lot of sleep back then but we would bang on his door to wake him up and get him to a club, because a night without him just wasn't as good. He would do his pumping dance in whatever chrome and faux leather dive we were in, looking at you wide-eyed, almost as if he was surprised, a manic grin on his face and sweat dripping down his forehead. 
Huw managed to maintain that level of enthusasm while many of us got cynical and tired. I was lucky enough to go to Highbury with him to see the Chelsea match last season. Huw came up with a chant which included the phrase "Russian oligarchy", so understandably failed to get off the ground. But when a nearby wag came up with the best line of the day -- "when the Russian goes to prison, you'll be f*****" -- Huw took it up with such Evangelical glee that he had the whole North Bank chanting it at the top of their voices within minutes.  
No-one else had an unexploded Second World War bomb as a bookend or had their shoes knicked while they slept in the doorway of a shop.
No-one else took me to see the Arsenal.
God bless and keep him. Close
Love / Henry Hemming (Friend)  Read >>
Love / Henry Hemming (Friend)
People loved Huw because Huw intensely loved them. His passion, kindness and concern, the glue and bedrock to so many interwoven relationships, made him a man above men. From all the interest he showed us, we’re energised. From the energy he brought into the world, the world keeps turning. God bless you, Huw. Close
Memories of Huw  / Rob Jones (Friend from Bristol days )  Read >>
Memories of Huw  / Rob Jones (Friend from Bristol days )

I met Huw at Bristol University, a larger than life character -  you just couldn't help but get caught up in his energy and enthusiasm.  I got to know Huw a lot better on a road trip across America with another friend Matt - which I recall was Huw's idea - in fact he turned up in an Audi which he had agreed to deliver in one piece to the West Coast.  Needless to say the trip wasn't complete without a trip to jail, a drive up the grand canyon, and a chase around downtown LA (we were being chased after Huw got out of the car for directions in a no go area). It was fun, thrilling, dangerous, ...only the cars' owner would have had regrets.  This is just one of many tales involving Huw. Huw single handedly brought fun into my life and this is how I will always remember Huw boy.

Huw / Jessica Allen (friend)  Read >>
Huw / Jessica Allen (friend)
Life was never dull with Huw around - he injected such spark and vibrancy and energy into every situation. There are many wonderful, unforgettable times Huw brought his own brand of merry abandon to our years at university and after in London. But he approached all aspects of life with such enthusiasm, humour and openness that run of the mill occasions became exceptional with him. Even a morning in the park with our families was an occasion to be celebrated and cherished.

In the last few years I went with Huw a few times to watch his beloved Arsenal. What I really enjoyed most about the matches was seeing Huw – often leading the singing and chanting on the terraces, celebrating every good move and sweetly trying to educate me about tactics. Best of all at half time, we’d sit, catch up, gossip and Huw would proudly relay stories about his beloved Frank and Morgan and talk with great happiness about his life with Julie.

Huw had so much life and love in him – it was wonderfully infectious and I am so grateful for all the times I spent with him. Lovely Huw, he shone very brightly. We’ll miss him – and we’ll be thinking of him.
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