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Great memories of the infectious energy and good times with Huw  / Euan Mitchell (Worked together at TF )  Read >>
Great memories of the infectious energy and good times with Huw  / Euan Mitchell (Worked together at TF )
My condolences to Julie and the family.

I was shocked to hear the tragic news from Andy.
Even though I only knew Huw for a few years while we worked at Trailfinders. Those were golden years and full of many fond memories.
One particular weekend which I always remember was when Mike Bulpitt, Huw and I decided to venture over to Amsterdam for some Rest and relaxation.
We spent all weekend in two establishments, The Grasshopper and MacDonalds.... 
I cannot remember ever laughing as much as i did that weekend,  my ribs were sore from laughter for ages after.
Thanks for the memories
Euan Mitchell
Unstoppable Enthusiasm  / Justin Sharp (Mate)  Read >>
Unstoppable Enthusiasm  / Justin Sharp (Mate)
From "The Vic" onwards - thanks for many happy memories Huw. Close
So Sorry  / Becky And Jimmy Green (Ex TF Colleagues )  Read >>
So Sorry  / Becky And Jimmy Green (Ex TF Colleagues )
So sorry and sad to hear the news about Huw. Our thoughts our with Julie and the family. Becky and Jimmyx Close
Just hearing ...shocked !!  / Colin Ridley (ex colleague )  Read >>
Just hearing ...shocked !!  / Colin Ridley (ex colleague )

Am totally shocked and sorry to hear of the loss of such a decent man .....   To your family I offer sincere best wishes and condolences.


Missed / Keith Ibbertson (Friend)  Read >>
Missed / Keith Ibbertson (Friend)

You are sadly missed as a close friend for over a decade.  Whether it be at work, clubbing, playing and watching football or travelling I remember you as always looking to the positive, the future and always wanting the best for your friends.

We shared lots of great memories as I know you did with all your friends.  Thanks for the fun and the entertainment you provided over many years. 

Keith Close
Simple thoughts  / Renzo Santoni (Mother's husband )  Read >>
Simple thoughts  / Renzo Santoni (Mother's husband )
Hi, Huw, I am here again!
You left more than two months ago and I am still in difficulty to understand, to accept and to live in this new situation.
Some days ago I was watching on the TV a football match and Arsenal team was playing.
I remembered your interest and enthusiasm for that team and the players, Thierry Henry and the others.
So I decided to watch the match not only because I like football, but also for trying to understand why you had a so intence and pronounced preference for Arsenal.
And I saw and admired the quick movements of the ball among the Arsenal players and I understood the interesting mind and strategy behind their playing; it was different from the way of playing of the others big teams in UK (Manchester Unit. Liverpool and Chelsea).
So I began to understand and to appreciate your interest in the strategy applied to a football match and while I was reading the sport articles on the newspapers I began to understand also the  long term strategy of the society.
I believed to have perceived the philosophy that has inspired the strategy and the consequent behaviour of the team manager A. Wenger in order to build a very good team and to keep the team at a high profile for a very long period of time.
And I believed to have understood that Wenger is giving a precise value and importance to the partecipation of the many and different players to the several Cups and he is keeping a great respect to every player, not favouring the most important and famous ones.
And I believed to have understood better your feelings regarding the football and I realized how intelligent was your support for football and how brilliant you were also in enjoying watching the matches.
So, Huw, now I am missing you very much, with another reason more, (the possibility to discuss and to comment together and properly the football matches).
I have a lot of other issues to tell you and to discuss with you, (and you know them very well!) To the next letter!
With love
Renzo Close
The things about Huw I miss  / Nick (Colleague)  Read >>
The things about Huw I miss  / Nick (Colleague)
His laugh – loud, giggly and infectious
His eyes, bulging with enthusiasm
His love of fun
His enthusiasm
His refusal to do things by half
His appetite (record is 16 rashers of bacon at breakfast)
His focus at work (disturbing Huw was greeted with “the stare”)
His dancing – no one dances like Huw
His playing football – full on until exhaustion set in
His watching football – full on until exhaustion set in
His fluent Italian!
His stories and tales
His ability to take the piss
His ability to have it taken out of him
His energy
His vitality
His dynamism
His friendship

Huwboy, I miss you.

Huw's love of music  / Andrea Dennis (Colleague)  Read >>
Huw's love of music  / Andrea Dennis (Colleague)
One of the best memories I have of Huw is his love of music. Huw enjoyed playing the guitar and sometimes brought it into the office and serenaded us or played a musical duet with Rob. At one of our office Christmas dinners, he treated us to a very boozy rendition of Love Me Tender in a restaurant – it was priceless! Close
The most enthusiastic, generous and helpful mentor  / David Latimer Jones (Colleague)  Read >>
The most enthusiastic, generous and helpful mentor  / David Latimer Jones (Colleague)
I am the newest of the trainers at Stirling Training and had the opportunity to work with Huw with two of his major clients early on in my career. We spent many hours together with him presenting material to me on video so that I could take it and use it in future. One thing struck me that I feel was typical of Huw. He was always keen to try new things and always made me feel that any ideas that I had, alternative ways of presenting his ideas that I thought of, were all judged on merit and adopted if they were better than his own. I couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic, generous and helpful mentor. Thanks mate. Rest easy. Close
The Star Day and other memories  / Sharon Jackson (Colleague)  Read >>
The Star Day and other memories  / Sharon Jackson (Colleague)

At Stirling Training, the company Huw worked for, we regularly had what we called a 'Star Day'. This is an opportunity for the trainers to catch up, exchange ideas and have the opportunity to stand up and present some material. I will never forget the moment when Huw re-enacted a ride on a roller coaster with his son, Frank. He sat on a chair in the middle of the office and for the next 10 minutes enthralled us to a visual demonstration of his experience at the fair complete with sound effects. It was hysterical, a fantastic star turn and a moment that will be treasured forever.

We spent lots of time chatting about personal excellence, Anthony Robbins and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in particular. I draw comfort from the fact that I and my colleagues will continue on with his mission of helping as many people as possible to achieve their full potential. A fantastic person to work alongside whose passion and zest for life will always be remembered.

Our colleague and friend - Huw Powell  / Michelle (Colleague)  Read >>
Our colleague and friend - Huw Powell  / Michelle (Colleague)
Shy, quiet and subtle are words you would definitely not associate with Huw! The energy, enthusiasm and passion that friends have mentioned was much in evidence in his work. Huw worked for us for the last six years and was a confident trainer much respected by his clients. For me it was his desire to do more, run before he could walk and his self belief that I will remember most. Yet he was always willing to learn from mistakes, was honest about his performance and always strived to do better. Plus how much he cared for Julie, often asking for or discussing ideas of treats and things she might like to do. He was a huge character at STC and will always have a permanent place in the hearts of all at STC. We wish you peace Huw and know that you will always be looking after your family.
With love, Michelle
Comments about Huw's training courses from his customers   (Huw's work customers )  Read >>
Comments about Huw's training courses from his customers   (Huw's work customers )
“Top class”

“Huw has a great way of making you see things differently by changing the way you look at it”

“Excellent, easy to interact with helpful and friendly”

“Top marks, very personable and informative”

“Very positive, compelling to listen to”

“Huw is always friendly and interesting this made the course fantastic”

“Huw is easy to understand, there is no pressure put on you as an individual, for me I find this easier to take in and learn”

“Best training course I’ve been on for years, kept me interested (and laughing which is important when learning)”
Speech / Kari Ward (Friend)  Read >>
Speech / Kari Ward (Friend)
A few people asked me to include my speech from the funeral. Rereading it, I would have liked to say much more much better, but others have captured many of those feelings so beautifully on this site…

This is a tremendously sad day for all of us, but I am not going to dwell on the sadness. I am going to talk briefly about what Huw meant to me and to some of his friends.

Actually much of the story of my young life is tied into Huw’s as well. I knew him since I was 8 years old, but only really got to be friends with him about the age of 13.

On a school activity, I forget now what it was; we got talking and decided to form a band. The only trouble was that neither of us knew how to play an instrument; but that was never going to stop Huw. Somehow it was decided he would play the guitar and I the drums. We were never very good, but Huw went on at Bristol to be a competent musician and develop his love of music.

There are so many adolescent milestones we shared; the first time we both got drunk was together, the first time we kissed girls goodbye was together.

But many of my memories of Huw are when we were abroad. The first time when we were away was in France with Gary as sixth form helpers on a school trip. Here Huw shared with us his newfound love of wine, which he embraced with his usual enthusiasm.

We also travelled to Cyprus; he went Inter-railing with Gary and Alex and Huw, Mat and I cycled to the South of France, a mad plan of his, which he somehow managed to pull off.

But my abiding memory of Huw abroad was in Australia, where we were together for 6 months, 2 of which were spent in a VW Combi van; where I have to confess he did more than his fair share of driving while I lay comatose in the back.

All of these times we were away Huw was so full of life and energy and lots of sheer good fun; and like everything he did he embraced it with gusto. Of course it was also through his love of travel that he met Julie.

I can’t believe I’ll never see him again and like all of us here I miss him deeply; he was a good friend and a true friend.

As my daughter Freya wanted to say to Huw, “I hope you are happy in Heaven” I am sure he is.

I would just like to read out a few words about their dad from Frank and Morgan:

Frank: “He always used to take us to lots of places we liked to go to.”

Morgan: “He was a nice man who did good drawings of men with bows and arrows.”
Lettera a Huw, un uomo "Brilliant".  / Renzo Santoni (marito di Luisa, la madre )  Read >>
Lettera a Huw, un uomo "Brilliant".  / Renzo Santoni (marito di Luisa, la madre )
Ciao, Huw!
Desidero scriverti e questa lettera e' la prima nella nuova situazione.
(Scrivo anche in italiano perche' ci sono persone in Italia che ti seguono e non parlano bene inglese.
Fra queste mia madre, che ha sempre avuto per te un grande affetto ed ha ora di te un ricordo molto intenso ed accorato).
Io sono consapevole che tu conosci i miei pensieri ed i miei sentimenti, comunque desidero scrivere questa lettera per condividere i miei pensieri ed i miei ricordi con i nostri amici.
Ti incontrai per la prima volta che eri un ragazzo.
In quel tempo venni a Londra (dall'Italia) per lavoro e mi fu possibile organizzare una breve visita a tua madre (noi eravamo amici dai tempi dell'Universita' in Italia).
Era una piacevole domenica ed andammo tutti insieme a Regent Park. 
Quella fu la mia prima visita a Regent Park e da quell'occasione Regent Park mi ricorda un simpatico giovanissimo Huw che si divertiva nel parco.
Anni piu' tardi cominciai a conoscere ed apprezzare il giovane uomo Huw, cosi' brillante, cosi' desideroso di mettere alla prova il proprio corpo con partite a pallone, facendo avventurose vacanze e prendendo difficili e pesanti lavori temporanei.
Ed io ho avuto modo di apprezzare anche che conoscenza accurata e forbita della lingua inglese tu avevi!
Infatti una volta, nella mia attivita' lavorativa, dovevo preparare una importante relazione e mi trovai in difficolta' riguardo la descrizione di un particolare prodotto alimentare ed i suoi profumi.
Ero a Londra e tu, con la collaborazione di Julie, fosti cosi' gentile da aggiustare, correggere e modificare nel modo migliore alcune descrizioni della mia relazione, cosi' da trovare le parole e le espressioni appropriate.
Huw, tu conosci il mio vecchio interesse nel cercare, nel raccogliere e nel leggere libri che riguardano Ulisse, l'eroe di Omero nel poema epico Odissea.
Io ricordo che Omero usava indicare e descrivere Ulisse come: "Polymetis" nel greco antico, che significa: "dal multiforme ingegno".
Ed io credo, Huw, che questa definizione, Polymetis, e' adatta a te e, nella  mia opinione, l'esatta traduzione nella lingua inglese e': "Brilliant" e veramente, Huw, il preciso aggettivo che mi viene spontaneo nella mente quando penso a te e': Brilliant.
Cosi' io ti penso molto spesso e mi manchi tu e la meravigliosa atmosfera della tua famiglia.
Comunque, Huw, io sono consapevole che tu sei sempre con noi e questo mi aiuta  ed io saro' contento di fare quello che posso per la tua famiglia e per i tuoi ragazzi Frank e Morgan.
Con grande affetto

Letter to Huw, a brilliant man / Renzo, mother's husband  / Renzo Santoni (mother's husband )  Read >>
Letter to Huw, a brilliant man / Renzo, mother's husband  / Renzo Santoni (mother's husband )
Hi, Huw!
I wish to write a letter to you and this is my first letter in this new situation.
I am conscious that you know now exactly my thoughts and my feelings, however I wish to write this letter for sharing my thoughts and my recollections with all our friends.
I met you when you were a young boy.
In that time I came to London (from Italy) for business and I arranged a brief visit to your mother (we were friends from the University's time in Italy).
It was a nice Sunday and we went all together to walk in Regent Park.
It was my first visit to Regent Park and since that occasion, Regent Park is reminding me a nice young Huw enjoying the walk and the park.
Years later I began to know and to appreciate the young man Huw, so brilliant, so wishing to test physically his body playng football games, doing addventurous holidays and taking hard temporary jobs.    
And I appreciated also how accurate and polished knowledge and use of the English language you had!
In fact once, due to my activity, I had to prepare an important business report and I felt in difficulty about a description of a particular food and its flavours.
I was in London and you, with Julie's collaboration, were so kind to correct, to adjust and to properly modify some descriptions in my report, in order to find the proper words and expressions.
And I was so full of admiration in seeing your enthusiasm when you were  investigating to understand the exact meaning I intended to convey in my report and the determination and the accuracy to find
the proper words and expressions.
Huw, you know my old interest in looking for, collecting and reading books about Ulysses, the Homer's hero of the epic Odyssey.
I remember that Homer was used to indicate and describe Ulysses as "Polymetis" in ancient Greek language, which means: "multiform mind".
And I believe, Huw, that this definition, Polymetis, is right also for you, and in my opinion, the right translation in English thinking of you is: "Brilliant" and really, Huw, that is the defining adjective that instinctively comes to my mind when I think of you: Brilliant.
So I am thinking very often of you and I miss you and the wonderful 
atmosphere of your family.
However, Huw, I am conscious that you are always with us and it helps me and I will be glad to do all that I can for your family and your young boys Frank and Morgan.
With love
Renzo Close
Huw - friend of our youth, holiday friend and family ever since  / Raffaela And Daniel Kluge (friends and family )  Read >>
Huw - friend of our youth, holiday friend and family ever since  / Raffaela And Daniel Kluge (friends and family )
Long before Huw became our relative, we already felt him to be one. Luisa and our mother had gone to school and university together and maintained a close relationship. Luisa came to visit us for the first time with Huw in our Northern German holiday destination some 30 years ago. From then on we sustained the tradition of spending holidays together and for us Huw was our first cross cultural exchange mate. After that rainy adventure in Germany, we preferred places in central Italy where we enjoyed great weather, good food, beaches and the company of lots of friends. The times with Luisa and Huw were always very special. We felt very close and attached to them. Huw introduced us to so many new things: it was the first foreign culture and language after our own, and England then was really far away for us! Huw arrived always looking quite unusual in comparison to us children. He came from swinging London, bringing this whiff of exoticism with him, the way he was looking, the way he was talking, what he was reading, and obviously with his wonderful sense of humour. I remember the black clothes as well as his incredibly blond hair one summer . He explained to me that it was a product advertised with „as if the sun runs her fingers through your hair“, - something that to him must have sounded very alluring as his hair was indeed very blond. We always laughed a lot with Huw, his remarkable sense of humour, his wit and curiosity at discovering new things. Huw taught us to speak English, we learnt colloquial expressions from him as well as all sorts of idioms. When we came to visit Luisa and Huw in London, he took us to Wales to his Dad’s house, where we also climbed Brecon Beacons together. All those vacations remain milestones of our youth, the happiest days we had. And already then, long before Luisa married Renzo, our uncle, Luisa and Huw were part of the family for us. And still are and always will be. We miss you terribly Huw, and still cannot believe it.
Raffaela and Daniel, Munich, Germany Close
Huw - my nephew.  / Anne Burns (Aunt)  Read >>
Huw - my nephew.  / Anne Burns (Aunt)
Huw was my nephew and I loved him very much. I have enjoyed and laughed, often tearfully, at the Huwboy photos and memories posted on this site by his friends. I also have memories of that Huw who charmed us and made us laugh; but my memories of him also now include a different and more vulnerable person. Over the last few weeks and months of his life I watched him struggle heroically against the illness that finally killed him. I was never so proud of him as I watched him try to overcome without a hint of self-pity what eventually engulfed him. He was funny, charming, very loveable - and he was brave. Close
My Dear Friend Huwboy  / Matt Hunt (Friend)  Read >>
My Dear Friend Huwboy  / Matt Hunt (Friend)
My dear friend Huwboy….I'm gonna miss you buddy. Its strange, even though I had not seen you since your wedding, it's hard to put into words the loss you feel for someone who was responsible for the funniest, happiest, most exciting times (and holidays) of your life. You don’t see a close friend for years and then the moment you know you can't see them again ……it’s a difficult emotion to deal with. Its got me wondering why it takes something like this to happen for me to really realize what you mean to me and what special memories you have given me – I want to thank you from my heart for making me laugh so much. 

I can safely say that Huwboy was irreplaceable. Looking back at the photos of our holidays together I was in stitches and didn’t know that I could both cry and laugh out loud at the same time. Just a few of my best memories with you include The BUNAC Work America trip with Robbie and I waking up to find all 3 of us asleep in a car going the wrong way over a one-way bridge; the African safari with big Jimbo and us singing in the middle of the desert with you on guitar, a cooler box full of tequila, and 3 huge rangers trying to drive us out of camp (its OK Huw, I do Karate) – by the way that is still the funniest moment of my life; the Philippines trip where on the morning of our flight home I couldn’t find you, only to discover you asleep on the beach fully clothed – remember you traveled all the way home that day in the same clothes sporting that infamous “Ron Jon” cut off T-shirt and luminous Hi Tech boots; the trip to Belize and the “Trumpet” fish that kept crapping over your “Ron Jon” T-shirt whenever you tried to unhook them; and finally with dear Kari on a cycling trip across France where after 3 weeks in the saddle you finally decided it was time to remove those lycra shorts of yours only to reveal a bottom that looked like it had caught the measles. I could go on all day with story after story after story of hilarious moments, but there is no need, they are all in my memory ready to share with people I meet and tell them of this larger than life character I met in my life that could made you scream with laughter just by flaring his nostrils or bulging his eyes. You were a top bloke Huwboy, I want you to know that I loved you with all my heart and I have never stopped loving you. My memories are as fresh as the day they happened. I know we'll meet again. Close
Almost a Family  / Lidia And Christian Kluge (very old friends )  Read >>
Almost a Family  / Lidia And Christian Kluge (very old friends )
We met Huw only a few times, but each time it was like a family gathering or reunion.
The first time Huw  joined us together with Luisa and a schoolmate, Bruce, at our holiday place near Flensburg, in northern Germany, not far from the danish boarder. Us, that was Lidia, Luisa's  schoolmate from teenage days in Ancona/Italy, me, Christian, her husband from Munich and our children Raffaela and Daniel, both around 8 years old then, i.e. about the same age as Huw and Bruce, and there were also friends of us with another three children.
We spend two wonderful weeks together, close to the beaches of the Baltic Sea, however we very rarely went there, because we had the most awful weather you can imagine: rain, rain and rain. And wonderful days they became mainly because of Huw's  (and Bruce's) incredible sense of humour which inspired everybody and because of their ability to ignore the weather completely, maybe because they were so used to wet weather.  With the exception of a few hours we had to spend most of our time indoors, but we had a lot of fun and  we felt like a great and happy family. (Daniel will add two fotos to the Album)

Twice we met during our holidays in Ancona when the children were about  14/15 years old. Huw arrived, together with his schoolmate Sam and with Luisa, and he was dressed in rather unusual clothes (for italian standards in those days), predominantly in black, and he wore a belt that looked like packed with cartridges. They were dummies, of course, but we remember that they did somehow worry or puzzle the Carabinieri at the boarder. This time we spent some beautifully sunny  and warm summerdays on the beach, swimming, talking, reading, eating and drinking, with Luisa every morning interpreting our dreams from the nights before. Again we felt like a happy family belonging together.

One of our later encounters was very unusual and there was something almost mysterious about it which we never forgot: Lidia and I were on a 4 weeks trip by car through the southwest of the United States. One evening we decided to spend the night in a really godforsaken tiny village somewhere  in the middle of nowhere in Utah. We chose that village which consisted of the usual petrol station (+ fast food) combined with a supermarket, a number of simple houses, a motel and the usual number of churches. mainly because we liked the name: Hurricane.
Late at night when all decent people were probably in bed, we decided to drive to the petrolstation in order to buy some beer, and there we saw another car standing with two young men just getting out of it. Apart from our car it was probably the only vehicle around for a couple of miles. Looking at the young men Lidia cried "but one of them looks like Huw - but that is impossible!" Impossible however it was not, because it really was Hugh with a friend on a trip through the US. We almost could not believe it but decided instantly to celebrate this incredible encounter a week later in San Francisco. The meeting point was at the entrance of Chinatown 12 a.m., and it worked of course and we had a wonderful chinese meal and warmed up many old memories. Unfortunately there is no foto of this encounter.
Somehow we always felt that there must have been something mysterious about this incredible encounter something that guided us and brought us together to show that we were indeed something like a family.
We still cannot believe that Huw, this brilliant and warmhearted person
with his wit, fantasy and great sense of humour is no longer with us. We shall never forget him. We were almost like a family. Close
Huw / Kate, Tom And Emily Burns (cousins)  Read >>
Huw / Kate, Tom And Emily Burns (cousins)
Huw, our exciting and glamorous older cousin - he could spin a story like no one else we know and would always have us wide-eyed and laughing. We've got so many happy, shared memories - they range from playing as children in Fennifach to drunken revelry via family football. Here are our favourites. Unusual modes of transport by Kate We used to love it when Huw turned up at our house unexpectedly. Often he arrived on a new and unusual mode of transport - a yellow BMW or a motorbike. On this occasion he arrived in a large refrigerator van. Em and I were home alone and I think it may have been his university holidays. He was bringing back food from an event at which he'd been a silver service waiter. As far as I know he was neither a HGV driver or silver service waiter but somehow, that day, he had managed to persuade someone he was both. The refrigerator bit was hugely noisy and had to be left on and our neighbours were all busy twitching the curtains to see what was going on. Em held the door open so Huw and I didn’t freeze while we unloaded huge slabs of brie and other goodies. The three of us laughed and laughed. And then he left and we had to explain to Mum where all the cheese came from. Football by Tom Huw was a passionate football fan and I’ve shared a lot enjoyable moments watching and playing football with him. My earliest memories are playing football on the lawns at Glanafon – I was often made to be goal keeper, not a role I relished. More recently, when he moved to Ealing I often used to meet with him to watch the Champions League games in Duffy's with the other Pitshanger fathers. He would normally be trying to convince me to turn out in the Sunday morning football matches, but not even he could persuade me that this was a wise idea. I would always have to remind him of the annual Fennifach Boxing Day football match that he organised. This normally resulted in me kicking his shins more than the ball. I am pleased that we have some of these games recorded in photos and videos - and look forward to telling Frank and Morgan what an enthusiastic, if not naturally talented, footballer he was! Christmas Day in Fennifach by Em It was Christmas Day about 13 years ago. It had been another lovely Christmas at Glanafon and we were in high spirits – due, in part, to the stiff G&Ts Huw used to mix. At about 5pm, Huw, Kate, Tom and I decided to set off to find an open pub. We managed to find one, containing an assortment of people who, for one reason or another, were spending Christmas Day on their own – including a French sous chef I seem to remember! Before long Huw, in typical fashion, had invited them all to join our merry group. We spent the rest of the evening getting terribly drunk with them all and having a wonderful time before weaving our way back home – making far too much noise and probably waking up most of the village in the process. We loved Huw dearly. He lit up many moments in our lives and we will hold on to them to make sure we never forget him. With love Kate Tom and Emily Close
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