Huw Powell
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Huw Powell, who passed away on December 15, 2006 at the age of 39. We will remember him forever.

Tributes and Condolences
Great memories of the infectious energy and good times with Huw   / Euan Mitchell (Worked together at TF )
My condolences to Julie and the family.

I was shocked to hear the tragic news from Andy.
Even though I only knew Huw for a few years while we worked at Trailfinders. Those were golden years and full of many fond memories.Continue >>
Unstoppable Enthusiasm   / Justin Sharp (Mate)
From "The Vic" onwards - thanks for many happy memories Huw.
So Sorry   / Becky And Jimmy Green (Ex TF Colleagues )
So sorry and sad to hear the news about Huw. Our thoughts our with Julie and the family. Becky and Jimmyx
Just hearing ...shocked !!   / Colin Ridley (ex colleague )
Am totally shocked and sorry to hear of the loss of such a decent man .....   To your family I offer sincere best wishes and condolences.Colin
Missed  / Keith Ibbertson (Friend)

You are sadly missed as a close friend for over a decade.  Whether it be at work, clubbing, playing and watching football or travelling I remember you as always looking to the positive, the future and always wanting the best ...  Continue >>
Simple thoughts  / Renzo Santoni (Mother's husband )    Read >>
The things about Huw I miss  / Nick (Colleague)    Read >>
Huw's love of music  / Andrea Dennis (Colleague)    Read >>
The most enthusiastic, generous and helpful mentor  / David Latimer Jones (Colleague)    Read >>
The Star Day and other memories  / Sharon Jackson (Colleague)    Read >>
Our colleague and friend - Huw Powell  / Michelle (Colleague)    Read >>
Comments about Huw's training courses from his customers   (Huw's work customers )    Read >>
Speech / Kari Ward (Friend)    Read >>
Lettera a Huw, un uomo "Brilliant".  / Renzo Santoni (marito di Luisa, la madre )    Read >>
Letter to Huw, a brilliant man / Renzo, mother's husband  / Renzo Santoni (mother's husband )    Read >>
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Huw with Frank
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